What Bakewell Pottery offers

From feedback there are 3 main reasons for using Bakewell Pottery Studio

  • Learn Pottery
    The pottery is well equipped with equipment and materials – the day to day sessions covers beginners and intermediate levels.  We will be offering tutor led courses to advanced levels (eg throwing on the wheel, slip mould making and sculpture)
  • “Chill Out”
    After a hard day at work or looking after the family just chill out doing pottery
  • Socialise and meet people
    Get out of the house and meet people

A range of packages are available for people of all ages and skills wanting to make pots.

The studio facilities can be used by anyone interested in creating pottery – either from scratch or to improve their skills.


Ideal for anyone wanting to make pots regularly
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Costs from £12 per 3 hour session

Parents & Kids

For around 5-13 year olds with a responsible adult
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Costs from £15 for 1 adult + 1 child

Pottery Club

For 13-18 year olds
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Planned for Summer 2020

Taster Session

Ideal for people just wanting to have a go and see if they like making pots.

Single 2 hour session
£20 individuals,  £35 per couple

Gift Vouchers

Why not give someone dear to you
a gift voucher?

Personalised gift vouchers are available for all items

Details to follow


Ideal For Regular Users

You can book sessions in blocks of 6 or 12 tickets at a time.
Additional blocks can be purchased at any time.

Sessions are Flexible….

Each session ticket is up to 3 hours and can be taken at any of the opening times.
You will be able to use your block of sessions purchased at *ANY* of the opening times.

This means if you cannot make a week you don’t loose out.
Also you may want to take your sessions on consecutive days to let the clay dry out enough to be able to assemble the form.

The studio opening times are to be:-

  • Thursday evening 5:30pm to 8:30pm
  • Friday evening 5:30pm to 8:30pm
  • Saturday afternoon 2pm to 5pm
  • Sunday afternoon 2pm to 5 pm

Package 1

12 sessions – £144 – £12 per session

Package 2

6 sessions £81 – £13.50 per session

Kiln firing/material charge

For individuals there is a kiln firing/material charge of £1.50 per 500 gm finished pot weight to cover the cost of electricity and materials

Example charges:-

  • Standard commercial mug = £1
  • 8”/20 cm plate = £2.10
  • 4”/10 cm high bottle vase = £1.50
  • Large bowl = £4.00

Kiln firing & material charges are payable before collecting the finished pot
Discounts for bulk firing are available by arrangement

Parents & Kids

Kids from around 5 to 13 year olds, Children must be accompanied by parents or responsible family member.

Older children with disabilities are included in this package.

Sessions are 10 am – 12 noon Saturday mornings and Friday afternoons during school holidays

Package 1

Block of 12 sessions @£15 per adult + single child £180 (additional child £3 maximum of 2 children per responsible adult)

Package 2

Block of 6 sessions @£16 per adult + single child £96 (additional child £3.50 maximum of 2 children per responsible adult)

Pottery Club

Available for 13-18 year olds – unaccompanied by parent/responsible adult.

The necessary Safeguarding Policy and DBS (criminal records check) are in progress

Planned for Wednesday evenings in term time and Wednesday afternoons during school holidays.

Planned for summer 2020
Watch this space

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