What Bakewell Pottery Offers For Regular Users

Ideal for people and families local to Bakewell that want to use the Pottery regularly.

£90 for 6 sessions – just £15 per session
(each session is up to 3 hours)
+ £3 per 500gms finished pot weight

Additional people in the same household (bubble)
can be added for just £10 per session per person

Click to tell us what you’d like to do
or phone/txt on 07850 288 623

At the moment Bakewell Pottery cannot offer scheduled classes – covid makes these difficult (individuals or bubbles etc) so it is totally flexible
– It’s all about mix & match while staying safe.

  • THERE ARE NO FIXED START DATES/TIME for sessions at the moment
    We need to be safe and socially distance – so the sessions need to be organised so that you can fit in as safely as possible
    ….For example: the Pottery can fit in 7 people from the same household but only 4 people from different households.

Click to tell us what you’d like to do
or phone/txt on 07850 288 623

  • Sessions are booked in blocks of 6
  • Each session lasts up to 3 hours
    But if you just need to pop in for less than 30 minutes to, say, glaze a pot, it does not count against your sessions
  • Additional people from the same household can be added at £10 per session per person if you come together to the same session.
    ie for one adult and one child, or two adults the cost for 6 sessions is just £150
  • Cost is £90 for 6 sessions – payable by secure credit/debit card at the first session
  • Sessions are flexible
    If you miss one of your planned session you loose nothing – just use it later
    ….or you can even use two sessions on consecutive days if you need to put a handle on a mug (say) – by arrangement to maintain social distancing.
    Most importantly, if you or I are instructed to self-isolate or for similar reasons, you do not loose anything – the sessions that you have paid for are just just carried forward.
  • There is a charge of £3 per 500gms finished weight for fired pots payable on collection
  • If you have a visitor to your home who wants to come to one or two sessions with you then this can be added “ad-hoc” for £10 per session per person (subject to capacity in the Studio)

Click to tell us what you’d like to do
or phone/txt on 07850 288 623

The Small Print….

  • You MUST thoroughly clean equipment, desktops and wheels of any clay and glaze – sponges and cloths are provided and kept in your Personal Box.
  • Every effort will be made to fire and return your pots within a maximum of One Week
    As potters know there is *no* grantee that pots will survive the firing and come out well and “keepers” or just “fit for the bin” – every effort will be made to give you a successful pot but there is no guarantee that your pots will survive the kiln
  • Pots not collected within 4 weeks of your last session will be binned
  • You can use your own clay and materials – but you must check first – I have seen total disasters and damage to kilns where the wrong clay has been fired to the wrong temperature – if damage to the kiln or other equipment happens due to the wrong materials you will have to pay for the damage caused – capped at £250.
  • Bakewell Pottery does not tolerate abuse of any kind – we reserve the right to exclude people who are abusive to others in anyway.
  • Payment is by secure credit card machine (chip & pin or contact less)
    The payment will appear on your statement as “Xebec Information Systems” – long story, but the short version is that it’s my computer/IT company that is trading as “Bakewell Pottery”
  • Except in exceptional circumstance and at the sole discretion of Bakewell Pottery fees are non-transferable, non-refundable and must be used within 3 months of the first session