Health and Safety Policy

The health and safety of all users of the studio is vital to us

Here is Bakewell Pottery’s Risk Assessment (pdf file)

You are responsible for acting in a safe manner at all times when using the Studio Facilities

The responsibility of Bakewell Pottery is to provide a safe environment for creating ceramics.

The main risks to your Health and Safety are:


  • Ensure that your hands are dry when using electrical equipment
  • Ensure that any equipment is plugged into the mains via the RCD devices


  • Ensure that all spillages of clay & glaze are mopped up immediately
  • Use dust masks when mixing glaze powder

Heavy Weights

  • If you have problems lifting weights (notably bags of clay ay 12½ Kg) seek assistance

Trip Hazards

  • Keep the area clear of equipment and cables


  • Make the pottery staff aware if you are allergic to any substance, eg latex gloves

Food and Drink

  • Eating and drinking in the pottery is not encouraged, if you want to then it is your responsibility.