Bakewell Pottery Taster Experience

Ideal for families and groups that want to “have a go” at pottery

For your Pottery Taster Experience you will….

  • Spend at at least 2-3 hours in the pottery
  • Have some finished pots to take home and admire
  • Try out different pottery techniques
  • Have a go on the potters wheel (if you want to)
  • Find out the 7 steps in turning mud (clay) into a ceramic (pottery)
  • Find out how old pottery is

It is important to know that POTTERY TAKES TIME – you will not have a finished pot after a couple of hours – clay has to dry – the kiln firing takes over 30 hours to heat up and cool down.
If you are in the peak District for 6 days or so you can do all the stages.

If you do a single session then the pots will be completed and posted to you a couple of weeks later.

Single Session Taster Experience

£35 1st person + £10 per person (in the same bubble)

Additional £30 or £35 large pots for postage

Three Session Taster Experience

£60 for the first person +£15 per p

Bespoke Taster Experience